Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You are the Only You

This amazing little video is part of a project started by this smart woman.

If I had to share someone else's video to sum up the underlying themes of self-acceptance and self-recovery at Girl on Fire and the reason it's a sacred space reserved for women, this video might well be it.

It's worth your five minutes, believe me.

I look at these women without their "hair done" or their makeup and wonder why anyone spends any money or time on such things. The beauty in this video is real, and I'd take real any day over shiny plastic painted lips and fake eyelashes that look like they belong on a giraffe and hair so coiffed that it doesn't move even in wind.

(As a former theatre freak, I still think makeup is for the stage!)

When women come to the studio, I think they come back because they get a taste of this free self, this unmasked self, and they want more. They want more of this loving the self, this powerful radiance that comes from being IN their skin.

When you are ready for this, we're waiting...