Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tonight I will attend a mass where the Bishop will wash the feet of 12 people. I love all the symbolism in this mass.

Yet ablution -- or ritual cleansing -- is present in all religious systems. Think about, for example, how popular it is right now for Western yogis to travel to India to cleanse themselves in the holy waters of the Ganges river. Modern paganism is replete with water and washing rituals.

Every night I take a salt bath and imagine I am washing away the particles left behind from my day.

If you're working on letting some things go right now emotionally or spiritually, it's a simple ritual to take a bath or shower as you focus on those things.

Another idea -- many women have a lifelong bad relationship to certain parts of their body. Perhaps you could focus on those parts -- upper arms and thighs come to mind -- as you apologize to yourself for all the mean words.

What negativity in your life could use some healing waters?