Friday, March 29, 2013

Death to Your Small Self

In Kundalini yoga, at the end of class instead of Namaste, we say "Sat Nam." Actually, at the end of all of my classes, regardless of where or whom I am teaching, I use this.

And I love this translation: "I am Truth and Truth is my True Identity."

When people first hear this, you can feel them sigh, and after a short while of hearing it on a regular basis, I can hear little whispers of it all around me as I say it aloud.

We only really get into trouble in life when we forget this basic fact about ourselves: that we are Truth, that we are the divine manifest in human forms for the playful joy of the divine, that we are bigness momentarily encased in small skin suits.

We get caught up in the lies of the small self. We get trapped by definitions, diagnoses, details.

Our True Self, our Big Self, is never gone, always waiting for us to remember, to be remade, to rise from the ashes of all those lies.

But first the ashes. First you must die to the small self, let go of and set fire to those lies.

This takes courage.

The small self can feel comfortable and manageable; the drama of the small self can seem deceivingly important and real.

Every day, in many ways, we choose that small self over the true self.

We choose.

We choose.

And choosing the True Self is not some one time deal. You don't do it and get it done.  And you don't NOT do it and get it done. There is no skipping steps or jumping to the finish line. There is no rebirth without the death.

You choose the True Self every day, in each moment.  You look at yourself honestly and ask: from which Self am I working here and which Self is my Truth?

And then you move onto the next moment.

Die. Reborn. Die. Reborn. Die. Reborn...

Over and over.  Just like the seasons. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

You are that awesome.