Friday, March 1, 2013

Move to This:

I loved club dancing.

Before depression finally just gobbled up my passion for dance, I loved club dancing.

I loved the intensity of it. I loved staying on the floor for hours and leaving absolutely soaked.

I didn't really drink. I took the dancing too seriously for that and alcohol just numbs the experience (which I guess is the point for a lot of people in the numb just to get out on the floor, but I didn't want or need that).

I love the feeling of this song.

It has that "I am so sassy and hot and look at me" feeling that was like an injection of self-esteem that only cost you the cover at the door.

So feel it.

Maybe you were an early 90s club girl like me and this will bring that feeling back, and if you've never felt that, this is what it's like.

Just MOVE.