Tuesday, March 5, 2013

True You Liberator & Dance Maker

This photo is about a year and a half old and sadly that graffiti
has been covered with less...interesting graffiti

When I was first opening the studio and I had to get business cards made, it was immediately apparent that I had no idea what to call myself. I ended up putting something like "Dancer/Owner" after my name.


Labeling what I do has been a great source of anxiety for me from the very beginning, because the thing I do, well, it's really multi-freaking-layered.

For a very short time, I had "Reanimation Specialist" on my card, courtesy of Marcy's smart brain.  Turns out, though, that that only spoke to women who were into sci-fi and literature. Um...The venn diagram of those women and the women who end up taking my class -- very small shared space there.

I went back to just putting NOTHING after my name on my business cards.  Also not good.

Lately, I have been sharing lots of (virtual) air with a boa-clad, rockin', business-brilliant guy named Fabeku, and some discussions ensued about what we call ourselves, and the next day, when I started to teach a class and move this body, it just came to me.

I am a True You Liberator and Dance Maker.

Regardless of what I am teaching or doing -- whether it be Kundalini yoga, my bodyparts healing dance, natural movement and alignment exercise, or choreography work -- there are a bunch of things going on.

First, of course, I am getting women into their bodies. I am uber picky about working with women in a way that creates strength, balance, and flexibility through NATURAL, FLUID movement, and never by using repeated postures or poses.  I am not fond of how most exercise and yoga is taught out there (i.e., not biomechanically correct at all), so some of the first layer of what you learn from me is about being in the body the right way. "Posture" is cultural, and culturally we have messed these bodies up with lots of misunderstanding about real, healthy alignment.

This first, physical layer of work leads to all the other layers of work.

Once you are in the body, aligned, and feeling stronger, you will start to notice more of what you are FEELING.

So second, the work I do heals the emotional body.

Which also leads, to the third layer, healing the spiritual body.

You are born perfect. There is this core you, this essential you that comes into the world 100% perfect. I believe this even if you don't, and at this point, it's more important that I believe it, because if you trust the process and if you trust me just a little bit (a little is all I need), eventually you will come to believe it too.

This perfect self comes into a very imperfect world, and by the time we are in our twenties -- or WAY before then -- this perfect self seems to be gone.

It's not.

This perfect you is NEVER gone.

She is just in hiding or she is "missing."

Really, she is covered over in many solid layers of ICK.

And this is what we do at the studio: WE LIBERATE THIS TRUE YOU.

We work through those layers of ick, chipping away one layer at a time.

The new physically strong you is now able to release and support an emotionally and spiritually strong you who can do this work.

Soon, we get glimpses of, feel surges of that perfect you, and if you didn't believe me about the perfect you to start, you do now.

At the end of every single class, we say Sat Nam.  This is from Kundalini yoga and it means "I am truth and truth is my true identity."

I've been saying this for close to 15 years now.

And finally, it sunk into my own understanding of what I do.

I help you in the process of liberating the true you.  Duh.  I don't know why it took this long to get this.

And Dance Maker...

I make dance.

I help you to make dance.

We see that life is dance and dance is life.

If you think there is no dance in you, you are wrong.  You do not know yourself well enough or you do not understand dance deeply enough.

Dance is sacred work.  Dance is the work that will take you to the deepest layers of that ICK and it will melt it away.

Of course, none of this will happen if you continue to allow fear and doubt and excuses to prevent you from getting started.

I can only hold you hand and guide you if you are willing to ask...