Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You are an Experiment of One

There is only one you. There will only ever have been one you. And one John Travolta. You know.

Imagine that there are an infinite number of sentient life supporting planets out there (I'll try not to veer off into some Star Trek tangent here...); imagine that those planets keep producing generation after generation of sentient beings.

Still?  Only one you.

And furthermore, you are not a rat. Or a mouse.

Did that just give you whiplash?  I have a point.

A lot of food studies? Done on rats and mice. They share blah blah blah with us, but they are not us. And? Again? They are not you.

One you. End of story. comes the point I promised...therefore...((clearing throat))...the way other people do stuff? Not relevant.

YOU are an Experiment of One.

Oh, you realize that this is going to come back to all that Personal Responsibility stuff that I tend to rant about?

When I decided (along with the love and guidance of Marcy) years ago NOT to buy into the whole "depression means you are chemically broken and here are tons of meds" model of "health," I also realized that I was going to have to find my own way through that maze (funny...maze...but I am not a mouse...).

I got right to work, and over the many years, I discovered many things that matter when it comes to supporting my healthy, happy, whole self.

These things I discovered? They are mine. They are not for you. You have to find your own. (Go! Shoo!)

I will gladly share what I learned but you must remember that you might learn the exact opposite. For you. Which makes neither of us wrong and neither of us right, except for in our little isolated experiments of one.

There really is one question: What makes you feel your best?

You can apply this question to everything: Food, love, jobs, living arrangements, hair styles, movement/play, and on and on.

Because what makes you feel your best is not a selfish experiment.

It's an experiment that leads to your True You, which ripples, people. Your True You does your Real Work and that is the whole freaking point of being here.

Experiment of One.

Say NO to the Totalitarianism of the Food Police.  So NO to the Fascist Health Nuts.

Say YES to YOU.

Pay attention. Figure it out. I know you can.