Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Blogging Whatever to Me!

I started blogging over at Blisschick on April 15th, 2008.

Five. Years.


And when I started, I started as a writing exercise, but also to daily catalogue the small things that are the wonderful things in life.

I never saw "bliss" as some whispery, floating, happy-all-the-time spiritual state that one attains. I saw it how Joseph Campbell saw it -- in the doing and the living of this life and the being your total, true, authentic self. So in our book -- Joseph's and mine (ha!) -- bliss includes the difficulties, the hard stuff, the roadblocks, because as long as you are pointed in the right direction and moving along, you are getting the point.

Blisschick catalogued all of it, including the deep depression and the struggle to find some sort of fulfillment.

Eventually, I came back to dance and moved from blisschick to this space, as I felt my passion completely take over and thus set me on fire.

And the photo up there...who KNEW when I started blisschick that I would be a tutu-wearing, studio-owning, dance-making True You Liberator?!?!

Celebrate with me and make sure to DANCE today!  And wear a tutu if you have one on hand! (And...um...why don't you!?!?!)