Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meditate Like a Girl

About a month ago, I was asked to be a part of something that I think is truly special -- an online magazine called Meditate Like a Girl.

The founder of the magazine wants to revolutionize the idea of meditation. Meditation can be rigid, to say the least, and much of its rigidity comes from its start as a male-designed approach to, well, whatever the hell they thought they were doing.

Can you hear my attitude?

I have an attitude problem with the very WORD.  You can read about why the word leaves a SOUR TASTE in my mouth by going here. (Scroll down; they are in alphabetical order.)

So anyway, Janice (the awesome and wise woman behind the project)...Janice wants to broaden our ideas of meditation, wants to feminize it, bring rockin' girl power to it.

I am on board with that.

Each month, I will share movement and body based awareness practices. Each month, the magazine will be guided by a theme and April's theme is our connection to mother earth.

You can see my VIDEO right here.  (After that, look around!)

This month's guest mentor is none other than Sally Kempton!  Okay...this totally geeked me out because one of the books on my Kindle RIGHT THIS MOMENT is her Awakening Shakti. (If you go on over to that page, you can leave a comment and possibly win a copy!)

Also, you can like the Meditate Like a Girl page on Facebook.  And?  Please share the love! Spread this project around. I think it's super important.