Monday, April 22, 2013

Remember to remember to remember to remember...

There are days.

((insert dramatic deep sigh))

There are days when it feels like not another thing could go wrong or need your attention or be stressful...or you Just. Might. POP.

When those days happen for me, when I am in the Land of Overdramatized Overwhelm, I remember that I have forgotten to remember.


Here's the thing that we have learned after a few years ago when we had a bunch of deaths happen around us -- deaths of many dear loved ones over about a two year period:


Right in this moment? Even as you sit with someone who is actively dying? Right in THAT exact moment, everything is still okay.

And the moment right after that loved one passes, you realize that you are still...okay.  In deep PAIN but actually? Still okay.

My point with those examples is that that is our deepest fear, right? Losing someone we love and then what the hell happens to us after they are gone.

And each time the surprise, the thing that we forget, is that we go on. As hard as that is.


When the hot water heater is dying AND you need some dental work AND your cat is acting a little weird (but turns out to be okay) AND this or that is added on top*, the thing to remember is...

Remember to remember...

That all is well.

That the sun is shining outside.

That you will get through these bumpy parts and there will be more bumpy parts and that is life.

That no matter how much you fret or FREAK OUT, the same thing is going to happen so you may as well go through it with some grace and dignity and besides...calm is better for your mind and body and for everyone around you, including the cat.

(*This is no way resembles real or actual events in my life. And...I am lying.)