Monday, April 1, 2013

The Importance of Being Stubborn

A Chilly Easter Visit to Our Lake
I have often been called stubborn. I call myself stubborn. For most of my life, I have seen this as a negative judgment, a naming of some deep, inherent flaw.

And though there are certainly times when stubborn is "bad," I have recently come to the conclusion that it's one of my greatest gifts.

I am here because I am stubborn.

I am healthy because I am stubborn.

I am happier than I ever thought possible because I am stubborn.

I do not give up.

Regardless of how bleak things may seem, I do not give up.

I have not given up.

All those years of depression and anxiety and I KNEW that I could be better. That I could overcome. I KNEW that there had to be a way and so I kept looking. (I early on gave up on drugs and stubbornly refused them as any kind of "answer" and I am so thankful for this particular level of stubborn now that so much research is proving my instinct -- that they don't work, that they do far more harm than good.)

I tried one thing after another after another after another.


At the age of 40, I rediscovered my love of dance, and though culturally, I am told I should be slowing down, I keep going...and going...faster...deeper...more intense with this work.


Because this work gave me ME back.


I wear the label with pride now.

Is there something you've always been told was "bad" or "wrong" about you? Is there a way you could reframe it?