Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Majority Should Not Be the Exception

I am on a new (and slightly rabid) quest: To spread the AWESOME that is contemporary classical music as COMPOSED BY WOMEN.

Here's the thing...

Our own local philharmonic didn't have a single woman on their schedule last year. Besides, if they'd had ONE, they'd have made a Big Deal of it. It shouldn't be a Big Deal. And there shouldn't just be one.

Women are over 50% of the population.

And it's not just my small city's philharmonic. The American Ballet Company did not include a single female composer in their last season either. (And if you'd like to see all the (mostly white) dude clubs that still exist, click here. Warning: it made me sick by the end of the first page.)

There are too many amazing women out there writing amazing music (and this same rant goes for female choreographers, too).

Since this site and my studio are both called GIRL on Fire, there will be no more dudes. Dudes already have all the damn platforms of importance, for god's sake.

(NOTE: If this offends you, feel free to exit this building. I am offended by the fact that we still have to have this discussion. In a world where female artists of all kinds -- and women in general -- still struggle to make even a percentage of what men make for the same work, I am not in any way "degrading or leaving men out" by promoting the equality of women. So leave those specious arguments off my property.)


We'll start today with the work of Vancouver-born Julia Kent. If you love this (and you will), go like her on Facebook, too.