Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Path is Not the Journey; the Room is Not the Space

You are wondering, what the hell drug was she poppin' when she wrote THAT title!?! Give me a minute...(and even then you still may wonder).

All these people I've mentioned, what each of them reveals is the door to their favorite room, and inside that room is Jesus, or the songs of Schubert, or the national achievement test after ninth class, or a stuffed bear, or a steady job, or an appreciative pat on the back; and many of these rooms are, of course, fantastic.

But as long as you're in a room, you're inside, and as long as you're inside, you're a prisoner.

The door I'll try to show you is different. It doesn't lead into another room. It leads out of the building.

(From the novel The Elephant Keeper's Children by Peter Hoeg)

This little section is just from the beginning of this novel and I can barely read this book fast enough, but this little section made me STOP. I shared it the other night in class.

He is saying something SUPER important right here and it is related to another post I wrote recently about not mistaking gurus or any "path" for the actual work only YOU can do.

When I teach kundalini yoga or my own bodyparts healing dance or natural movement, it's all just a tool, a map.

For me, my favorite room, to use Hoeg's language, is dance, but it's still just a room.

The point of this work we do, as Hoeg asserts, is to get out of the damn building.

The building is built on a foundation that is a mixture of assumptions, expectations, and "rules" that you've been raised with.

The building is then erected on this already-set-in-concrete idea of who you are, when in actuality most of us never ever get to know who we TRULY are, because we are stuck in this pre-fab building that we did nothing to construct.  We just moved in. No questions asked.

Dance is my favorite room, but for me, because dance is my spiritual path, dance is also a hallway...but still, it's in the building.

It is the DOING of the dance that turns it into a hallway. The daily attention to this work that makes it possible to walk the hallways and perhaps find an exit.

And now...just like the other night before class began when I shared this quote...my head is freaking POPPING with all the possible ways to talk about this.

I think, first, we must acknowledge our favorite rooms.  See that they are just rooms and then maybe we can go from there.