Friday, April 26, 2013

True Community: The New (or OLD...) Therapy

One of the super awesome with candy-crunch sprinkles on top benefits that has come of having my own studio was a bit unexpected: the community of wise women.

It may seem silly that this benefit felt somewhat unexpected, but consider...

I have had far too many students tell me, after their first time at Girl on Fire, that other studios just feel like places you walk in and out of. That they went to this or that studio for the first time and no one even talked to them. Shit like that.

At Girl on Fire, you are integrated into the community and the community is a diverse and rich array of women from all walks of life, with a wide and deep interest and knowledge base. Have a need for something, anything? Advice? A massage? Tips for your business? Ideas for your child's education? There is probably someone here who knows about that or knows someone who does.

And this is especially true when these women start sharing their personal, life experience wisdom with one another.

I can hear them after class in the back room as they get their stuff together. Someone sighs a little too long and everyone perks up, gives her just the right amount of attention. I am amazed at their instincts about this -- how they know just when to flock to someone and just when to stand back a little and allow someone their space.

I think, "This is the way it's meant to be...not paying a therapist or coach to listen but finding what you need in the circle of people around you."

(Please Note: there are times when professional help of all sorts is necessary, but I think we've lost the ability to open up to the people right next to us and ask for help the old fashioned way...for free, as one human going to another rather than as a formal relationship with money and appointments.)

There is so much wisdom at our little studio here in Erie, Pennsylvania.  So much SHARED wisdom.