Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Do Not Suck

The cycles inevitably continue and though we have not seen flowers blooming yet, we will. In their time. At their pace.

Regardless of what's happening in the world, the flowers will bloom.

When bad things happen, it's too easy to think that this is it, humanity sucks, evil wins.

We cannot let the fear overtake us.

And we have to step back, just a half step, just enough to get a slightly wider view.

When you step back, here is what you will see:

It only takes a couple of people...sometimes only create death and destruction, to feed our most basic fears.

But in response to that, hundreds -- if not thousands -- of people step forward to help.

They take risks. They put their own lives on the line.  And they do this in a flash of time, without hesitation, without thought.

They move from compassion, love, and courage.

And there are SO. MANY. MORE. of them than the people who do these things.


The balance of humanity resides in this goodness and acts from this goodness.

Be grateful for the beauty of that truth.