Friday, May 17, 2013

Gratitude: The Beauty of Honesty & Courage & Moving

Yesterday was one of those days.  One of those amazing days. (You thought I meant otherwise, right?)

From my first class early in the morning (Thursday is my busiest day) to the last class that finishes by about 7:15, I was given the privilege over and over and over and over again of watching all these little miraculous fires being lit, sparks flying, embers glowing extra hot.

I took a risk with my girls from the residential high school and had them do a paired movement experience, not knowing if I would just have to keep saying "no talking...just talk with the body..." I expected that, actually, and I expected a lot of nervous laughing.

Nope. What I got is indescribable and it gave me arms full of goosebumps. So beautiful. So honest.

The whole day was like that.

By the time I got to my evening Kundalini yoga class, I thought, well, it's kundalini yoga so it'll be good and it's my last class til my day off so that will be great, but what can possibly happen to even compare to the rest of my day.

Lots.  Lots, it turns out.

A couple of students shared, in a couple of ways, that they had some leaps happen.  One woman learned something new about her breath and her connection to her breath, for example.

And then there was this. Go read it. Amy is a wonderful writer, first of all, and the bare bones honesty of her struggle with grief over the loss of her (very young) father is courage in action.