Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Move to This: Gabriela Montero

THIS. This is what classical music needs to make it interesting again...

Gabriela Montero dares to ((gasp!!)) interact with the audience, giving them a say in her performance. She takes requests. IMAGINE. Then the real genius begins. She improvises these pieces that have become, in many cases, rather stale and makes them new again.

For this, focus on a part of the body you typically don't think much about when moving and dancing and allow that part to be the leader. The rest of the body is being bossed around by that part.

Perhaps you could try your elbow, your wrist, the top of your head, your left ear, the back side of your get the idea. But decide before you play the music and just breathe and allow.

(This piece really starts to do something magnificent after about 50 seconds when she takes a long, thoughtful pause.)