Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Fire

There have been some videos over the last couple of weeks that have totally made my brain and heart expand in a million ways and just set me on FIRE, so I thought I should be sharing.

First up is this interview with a former OB/GYN. It's over an hour and WORTH EVERY MINUTE. Pay very close attention when she starts getting into details about her new book:

If you need a wake me up for your soul, here's what you've been waiting for:

As you can imagine, I watch a LOT of dance videos. And I get pretty discouraged (and a little mad) when I see some of the stuff out there that is considered "cream of the crop," and all I can think is, "REALLY? THIS is what is sucking all the freaking grant money!?!?" (This tends to be the case with most stuff I watch that is created in the U.S.)

But this? THIS is awesome. The piece at the beginning to the Violent Femmes. This choreographer? He deserves everything he gets.