Monday, July 8, 2013

A Little Taste of FAME-OSITY for My Beautiful Elder Dancers


I knew we had a one in three chance of getting the cover, but I still kinda assumed we wouldn't.

I mean, to say that elder women are invisible in media is a little bit of an understatement. Just a little. ((sarcasm sign))

But there they are, in all their Beauty and Wisdom and Authenticity.  They inspire me every time I am around them and now they can inspire others.

I tease but also really believe that Betty had a hand in getting this all done for us. It makes me a little sad that she couldn't be here for it, but to think that she is guiding us from a place of perfection (and no pain) is a happy thought so I can't really stay sad.

Pam Parker of the Erie Times did an excellent job with the article, which you can read here. She captured a ton of stuff about this work that I do and I applaud her for that, because it's not easy to capture. I have found that trying to write or talk about it is a bit like trying to hold onto water. (You really do have to just experience it.)

Jack Hanrahan took the photos and made this awesome video. (We are lucky to have such a talented photographer, I think, working for our local paper.)