Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dancers are Different Genetically -- And Why You Should Be Dancing if You're Depressed

My teaching comes from the Land of Been There.

Chronic pain that changed my personality? Been there.

Anxiety that made leaving the house impossible on far too many days (over decades)? Been there.

Depression (or as I refer to it, "chronic grief") since I was too small to know the word? Been there.

Tried the mental health system only to find it lacking? Tried every other freaking alternative out there? (And I mean, EVERY. THING.)  Been there and there and back again.

Here's the thing:

When Marcy and I started looking seriously at canes for me, I had been doing yoga for probably 13 years, but I was still shopping for a cane!

After 15 years of yoga and a million other regularly used alternative methods of combating depression and anxiety, I still had only gotten to a low grade level of "comfortable" and "feeling safe." No joy. No big energy. No bliss or happy. Just sorta okay.

The SECOND I started dancing, and I mean the freaking SECOND I started dancing, ALL of that changed.

Within months -- MONTHS! -- even the thought of a cane was laughable! My body had dropped from a 14 to a 4 (US). And...I was HAPPY. Genuinely happy.

I thought, well, obviously Dancing is Magic.

Also? I assumed, too, that I got such amazing results because I was born to dance. Which I was. But that is not really why I got those results. Those results are for anyone.

And now the beginning of some science to prove my point.

In this (yes, small...*) study, scientists have found that dancers are genetically different than the rest of humans. Even when compared to other athletes.

(*Small is relative, of course. This study had 85 dancers in it and I have seen yoga studies taken seriously by large media when the pool of people is much smaller than that. Furthermore, this study simply corroborated other similar studies done on dancers and musicians.)

In summary, the two genes that are different in dancers have to do with serotonin usage (!) and...here's the kicker, with a tendency toward spiritual experience.

But I think that the scientists are reading the data/findings backwards.

Dancers are not different.

Dancers BECOME different. (And I am proof-freaking-positive of this!!!)

We know that we can change the expression of our genes through experience. We KNOW this.

Dancers are genetically different because they dance.

Did you get that?

Because if you suffer from depression, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, get your ass dancing. NOW.

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