Friday, July 26, 2013

Difference is Beauty; Dance Your Difference

One of my favorite people on Facebook shared this post and its video yesterday, and it made me cry. Take the 8 minutes. It's worth it.

A couple of things:

1. Difference truly IS beauty. And no one's life is "worth" more or less than anyone else's. There is a lot of parent-martyr talk in the Autism community (and I see this as I am part of the neurodiversity community) about how they were "cheated" of the child they "should have had," and people like that should get some damn perspective. Each child is as they are meant to be and it's not about the parent. (Get. Over. Yourselves.)

2. Every human's experience of their life is their experience of their life. They are not wishing for something more; they know only what they have. People wishing for something more, something different are more likely to be people who actually have everything a human could want...except for a sense of joy and purpose, apparently. (Purpose: Get some.)

3. Dance. DANCE. It connects us to self and other in deeply profound ways that is not experienced any other way. It unites. Period.  And there are no barriers.

Did you get that?!


Stop whining about your achy back or your lack of time or your WHATEVER.  Look at this young lady. Look at her.  She is LIVING. And dancing! Are you?