Thursday, July 11, 2013

In/FLAME: Join Me for a Free 11 Day Dance Sadhana...Online

I often get requests from people who live nowhere near my actual studio to make this work available to them online, so Here. We. Go.

Girl on Fire Movement Studio's First Official Online Awesome-osity.

In/FLAME: Building a Passionate Life
through the Spiritual Path of Daily Dance

((insert nervous excitement here))

First, let's deal with some fear issues, shall we?

Many people see that word "DANCE" and get all FREAKED OUT. Either they think they can't dance (and certain television shows have done nothing for the collective dance self-esteem of this country), or they danced when they were younger and were told a variety of awful things about their bodies or their abilities that have left them carrying lots of baggage with the word DANCE written on it in blood and tears.

Thinking you can't dance is ridiculous. Dance is in our freaking DNA. Once we started banging on drums, we also started moving around either in unison with other humans or just in ecstatic trance like states.

Dance is as natural to us as walking. PERIOD. You might have to take a leap and just TRUST THE TEACHER.

Carrying around baggage, on the other hand, just gets exhausting. Put it down. Take a rest. And then get back up and MOVE THAT BUTT.

That teacher who told you your body was "wrong" was WRONG. She was carrying around baggage of her own and she dumped it on you and she kinda just sucked.

That teacher who told you your uniqueness was not going to take you anywhere? She might have been right if you wanted to enter the world of cookie cutter ballet but there are about ONE MILLION MORE and much more EXCITING worlds of dance that would embrace your Unique Awesome.

Another issue that comes up for people around dance is that they are worried about injuries and limitations. I quickly point out that I teach 80 year olds, for God's sake.

Also? Part of dance as a spiritual practice is learning to take care of yourself while simultaneously challenging yourself. really get these messages across, here are some inspiring videos about people who don't let anything stop them from dancing. Anything. These should help to put your Fear Monsters in their rightful place -- OFF THE DANCE FLOOR:

Okay? Got it?

Now we can move onto the more practical stuff.

Here's the deets:

It's FREE. Did you get that? Free.

To anyone, anywhere.

It starts on Sunday, August 4th and ends on and includes August 14th.

It will run for 11 days. Thus the title of this post.

Eleven is special sort of number, in that woo woo spiritual sort of way, in case you are wondering why I chose that number. It's not TOTALLY random.

Speaking of the title...Sadhana is a spiritual practice. When you join this 11 day group, you are committing and dedicating yourself to a deeply personal and transformative experience. You are also committing and dedicating yourself to witnessing the other brave souls doing the same.

I will be running the group through Facebook, so you need to friend request me if you aren't already a friend or I can't add you to the group.

After I have accepted your friend request, make sure you give me a holler. "Hey! Um? Put me in the group, please?" written on my wall is a good enough request.

Did I mention that the group will be CLOSED and TOTALLY SECRET?

I like to create SAFE spaces. It's why my IRL studio is for women only...totally safe for women who might be a little afraid of moving their bodyparts.

On the morning of Sunday, August 4th, I will post a video for you with suggestions for formatting your practice.  (I am in Eastern Standard Time, FYI. You'll get a note through the group right before the official start date with more details about timing.)

I highly recommend making this a morning practice.

It will take you 15 minutes, though, of course, if you have the time and are compelled to do so, it can take as many minutes as you want it to.

After the first day, I will post every day with suggestions and leading questions.

The point of having the group is to involve yourself in this wider conversation, to support one another, and to ask your own questions. Share your experiences. Share music. Share photos.




Be witnessed and supported. It's the whole point.

REMEMBER: to get started, you have to FRIEND REQUEST ME and then TELL ME TO ADD YOU TO THE GROUP!

(If this is exciting to you, perhaps you could share it with your own circles? THANK YOU!)