Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Introducing: Heart on Fire

I hope you're ready for this.

I am.

Time for a new leg of this journey. Time to dive deeper than ever before. So take a big breath.

Just about a month ago, I hinted in this post that I had figured out the shape of the work that I want to create and send out into the larger world, the world beyond the bricks and mortar of my local studio.

This work that showed itself to me -- shimmering and floating whole in my mind's eye -- is beyond exciting to me. Even just starting to write this, I feel this up-swell in my chest and into my throat and a rush of adrenalin is running down my arms.

I am onto something, my body is telling me.  I have learned to listen to this body.

From the post that I refer to:

When I say dance is part of my spiritual life, it is that part over there. Over THERE...down that hallway and in that separate "dance as spiritual path" room.

That room is separate from this other room where I say the rosary.

And THAT room is most certainly separate from the other room where I read about whatever freaking thing is floating my spiritual boat at the moment.

And my boat? It floats on all sorts of different lakes and it can actually depend on the time of the year, as silly as that sounds. I say, for example, that I become distinctly pagan in the summer and a bit more Buddhist in the fall and way more Catholic over the winter.


Suddenly I could see that those rooms weren't really meant to be separate at all and all that running around from room to room was exhausting me and not allowing me to do what I do best.

What is it that I do best? Thanks for asking.

I put things together.

I am the Queen of Synthesizing and Making Leaps and Comparing & Contrasting.

I could finally see that the work I want to send out into the Big World, the work that I also want to TAKE out into the Big World in my own person, traveling and meeting so many of you and doing this amazing thing with you...

I could finally see that that work was what had been MY work all along: Creating dances between parts.

This is kinda funny because I call my dance modality Bodyparts, and in that work, my focus is on the compartmentalized segments and the precision of the physical body as the metaphorical terrain for exploring the spirit or soul.

It may seem that I am teaching you how to explore, for example, your feet in relation to the floor, but I am really teaching you how to be grounded and connected to your life.

It may seem that I am teaching you how to experiment with the push and pull of certain muscles, but I am really teaching you about how you relate to yourself and the world around you.

It may seem, too, that I am making you yell in class or make sounds because it is fun and silly, when I am really teaching you to own your unique voice and to be heard.

In the meantime, in my real life teaching, I am yelling out random facts about muscles right along random facts about Goddess archetypes or random facts about the structure of music right along something Hemingway said about good writing.

Here's what I have learned: IT ALL GOES TOGETHER.

And I am finally going to give it all together.

Introducing (can you hear the drums...can you feel my excitement as my fingers fly across this keyboard -- and now I am thinking of Gandalf...but that's another story)...

Introducing my upcoming e-course series:

Heart On Fire: Transformation
through Movement, Mantra, Ritual & Writing


Here's the super shiny awesome funnest part: Each time I run one of these e-courses, we will be exploring transformation through A DIFFERENT ARCHETYPE. ((yelling...can't help myself))

Movement, mantra, ritual and writing are the basic tools.

We will use those tools to create transformation through an exploration of the self via a God or a Goddess or a Saint or...WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT BECAUSE THE WHOLE WORLD OF MYSTICISM IS OURS and IT'S UP FOR GRABS, people.


Stay tuned.

I'll be announcing the first e-course soon with all the deets.

AND REMEMBER: For right now, you can -- for free -- sample the movement part of my work through the 11 day dance sadhana I am running on Facebook (in a super secret group), starting August 4th. You can find all those details right here. And please notice there are TWO steps to getting in the group.