Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Super Grouch...She's SUPER Grouchy... ((sing it))

A Photo of SuperCuteness to Counteract The Grouch
Yes. The title refers to me.

There is lots of awesome going on right now, including the 11 day dance sadhana that I will be running for free on Facebook almost at 250 dancers and it is still weeks away.

There is a dash of annoying, here and there, because you know, it's life.

But mostly lots of awesome.

So what's the problem?


I said that. I know most of you LOVE summer ((read that in a super whiny voice that a big brother would use with his little sister because she LOVES some stupid teen pop star)).

But I don't. Period. I was born in the Fall and will always be a Fall Baby. As I get older, there are about a million things I have grown to love about winter, too, so there. ((sticking out tongue))

But summer can bite me.

And it kinda does on a daily basis.

First, there is my brain melt. You know...brain seeping out of ears kind of heat that makes it impossible to think deep thoughts...or any thoughts, really.

Brain melt that makes TeeVee seem like the smartest thing EVER.

Second, to go along with brain melt there is definite Ass Melt.  The kid that makes sitting on a couch and watching said TeeVee seem like a freaking SPORT.

Which is not good when you consider the number one reason I hate summer, which is third on this little list for the dramatic build-up effect:

Third, the humidity HATES my joints.

All my chronic pain issues just FLARE UP.

And chronic pain changes your damn personality, people.

If you've had chronic pain, you know what I mean, and if you haven't, well, you are just lucky and should go rub someone's low back or something.

That's all I have to say right now. I have to go ice my ass.