Friday, August 16, 2013

A Distance Workshop that Includes ALL the Things

(If you're interested in a more intense, one on one experience utilizing my movement and dance techniques to re-birth the life you were born to live, then go here and read about Fire Inspections and The Phoenix!)

On July 24th, I announced the creation of what will be an ongoing series of online workshops called Heart on Fire: Transformation through Movement, Mantra, Ritual, & Writing. You can read about the realization of this work here.

Each of the workshops will be designed around an archetype or god or goddess or...whatever I feel like! HA!

This work is meant to be synthesizing on all levels:  we'll be bringing all sorts of parts together from the world of spiritual literature and dance and writing and ritual but we'll also be bringing all sorts of our OWN parts together in the process.

Transformation, right?

Whether the work is movement, mantra, ritual, or writing, all the work is meant to help you dive deep into that gorgeous self of yours.  It's all prompt for change, growth, evolution.


You are wondering WHAT or WHO we'll be using for this first workshop, aren't you!?!?!



There's a hint.

Here's the announcement:

Heart on Fire: Transformation
through Movement, Mantra, Ritual, & Writing
September/October 2013: GANESH

YEP! It's the elephant headed god himself,
the lover of all things sweet, 
the giant friend of tiny mice, and

I don't know about you but I can seriously use this guy's help.

Lots of obstacles in this Girl on Fire!

For six weeks we'll be exploring our own internal and external obstacles to being our BIGGEST, SHINIEST selves, and we'll be exploring the symbolic power of Ganesh to help us remove or transform and overcome those obstacles.

You'll be moving (literally) with dance based exploratory processes; you'll be learning about the awesome of mantra; you'll be creating an altar to your own needs and to our helper, Ganesh; and you'll be writing about all of it!

An example week will look like this:

On Sunday, I'll load up a video in which I explain that week's theme and all the parts of Ganesh we'll be exploring.

On Monday, I'll load up video or text with instructions for a movement practice that you can either do for one day or all the days or many times a day. It's all up to you!

On Tuesday, another video or some writing will come your way with manta and ritual work.

On Wednesday, finally, some writing prompts will be offered for you to play with in your journal.

Then you won't get any more work until the next Sunday so you have lots of open space in your week to self-pace, but conversation and community will only be a click away and this will be available every single day.

We'll be playing together in a super-secret, private Facebook group. (Strict rules about the group will be enforced so the space does not become overwhelming and chaotic.)

THIS WORKSHOP WILL HAVE LIMITED "SEATING."  I want everyone to feel seen and heard and for that to happen, we can only have so many participants.

The Six Weeks' Themes

Week One: You'll be introduced to the mythology and symbolism of Ganesh within the larger context of Hinduism and also world mythology in general, and there will be an overview of the concept of obstacles, as we take some time to set some intentions and create space for awareness and self-and-other witness.

Week Two: Continuing with our Ganesh work, we'll start to dive into our own layers with a look at self-perception and inner stories and the limitations we (very often unconsciously) place upon ourselves based on those perceptions and stories.

Week Three: As we build our understanding of Ganesh's spiritual weapons and powers, we will look at our habits -- the ones we have and the ones we would like to have. We'll also consider the concept of addictive behaviors.

Week Four: Furthering our understanding of Ganesh's forces, we take on negative emotions or what we perceive as negative emotions. We will take a hard look at what we are sending out and what we are noticing in our worlds.

Week Five: Hand in hand with Ganesh, we look at our surroundings. What supports us and what tears us down and how to build with full consciousness of desire and intent.

Week Six: Even after six weeks, we will barely scratch the surface of Ganesh, so we'll spend some time making plans to further our work, and we'll step back and see what we've discovered about us (in all likelihood it will not be what you expected to start). Where to go from here will be our focus.


Beginning Date: Sunday, September 15th
Through the week of: October 20th.

Registration is open, so join this transformative journey now:

Heart on Fire: GANESH


Once you pay for your seat in the workshop, you'll receive an online form to fill out.  I want to get to know each of you before we begin and I want to have a picture of everyone's goals (goals to begin I know these will change along the way).

After you fill out the online "get to know you" form, you'll get the formal "rules and principles" for the Facebook space and some other tips about what would help you get the most out of the workshop.