Friday, August 2, 2013

Dance & Movement Experimentation for the Heart & Soul

About 4 years ago
Today I started the 11 day dance sadhana on Facebook. It really officially starts on Sunday but I posted an introduction video to get the ball rolling, and rolling it is. (There is still time to join; read here.)

The sadhana -- and playing with social media for my work -- is a long way from where I started on this path, when I went to my first training (this is what I did right away) and wasn't even sure that I would teach!

Everything -- from the microcosm of the day to day dance work itself to the macrocosm of getting it out into the world -- everything is an experiment.

When you view life in this way, it's not only exhilarating but also liberating.

When you think about movement and dance this way, the baggage we carry around just falls away.

"It's just an experiment," you can keep reminding yourself.  "I am just playing and seeing what happens!"


Playing and seeing what happens. Noticing what you feel. Watching those old stories float across your mind and waving buh-bye because it's all just an experiment.

In this light, I can also ask you to do things you hate or don't feel comfortable doing's an experiment! Let's see where that initial negative reaction takes us AND you don't have to stay can move on, change your variables, try something new.

What would change for you if you approached your whole life with this mindset?