Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inferno of Awesome: Inspiration, Support, and Help for At-Home Practice

The 11 Day Dance Sadhana, exploring dance as a daily spiritual practice, went so freaking well with very nearly 400 dancers/movers from across the globe (!!!), that we decided there needed to be an ongoing super-secret-safe space on Facebook where women who are experimenting with movement and dance in their lives can come together for inspiration, support, and help.

I will be curating and hosting this space and it is called the INFERNO OF AWESOME.

Inferno means more than Dante -- like DISCO! for example.  The phrase came out of one of the many hundreds of conversations during the 11 days when I was simply and enthusiastically trying to convey to someone how amazing and ON FIRE they were/are.

So think of the INFERNO of AWESOME as your giant, radiant, powerful internal fire, which may be needing some stoking.

To be included, all you have to do is friend me (or already be my friend) AND THEN request to be added. (Once you are added, I request that you read the "Philosophies and Rules." And absorb them because they will be quietly and strictly enforced. Rules like this (which really aren't very rule-y) are necessary in the creation of safe space.)

Again, the space is secret so you can't even find it if you don't belong. I like emphasizing this so women who do join in know that they are in a truly free space where they can openly express themselves.

One of the many benefits of the space is that the women there will be the first to hear of any new offers or classes or opportunities that I am creating. As I have to limit the number of people I take into online classes or take on for long term mentoring, being the first to hear can have its benefits.

Another benefit is, of course, that you can come and ask questions about your practice, and I am there to help -- along with so many other women who are probably struggling in the same way as you.

I will also occasionally share videos and new practices and music and all that stuff that can be overwhelming for people when they are trying to build an at-home practice like this.

So head on over to my Facebook page and get your inner fire some kindling!