Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Bodyparts Dance Sadhana

Another video I did for the 11 day dance sadhana on Facebook was about levels work. I do this work with all ages and all abilities (including 80 year olds and people in wheel chairs). With elders, of course, the modification is to use chairs and tables.

You can find this composer's work here.

And if you're wanting more guidance for a daily at-home movement/dance spiritual practice, we are starting another sadhana (just a fancy word for intentional spiritual practice) on Facebook in our super secret group, Inferno of Awesome.

We are beginning a 40 day practice, starting on Tuesday, September 3rd. There are all sorts of spiritual connotations to the 40 days but it also happens to be just about how long it takes to create a real habit!

You can request to be added on my personal page (and friend me first, if you aren't already).