Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ganesh art!

For my upcoming online workshop (for which there is STILL time to register; just go here), Marcy has created a GANESH PAINTING!

I get to keep the original of course, but we are selling prints! He would look so handsome on your altar, which we will be creating during the course, but even if you aren't taking the course, who doesn't love this elephant!?

The prints are exactly 8 by 10 and cost $35 plus some shipping.

It may not arrive by the beginning of the workshop, but Ganesh tells me he will arrive precisely when he is needed.

Here's how awesome the print looks:

(The print comes on mat board for packaging and mailing but is not actually matted. We are having these printed locally by this guy.)

You can order him here!

Ganesh 2013
8 by 10 Print
$35.00 plus shipping ($3.50)