Monday, September 16, 2013

Helping Dancers

Sponsor a Dancer

You may have noticed this donation button on the right side of my page. It's labeled "Music & Tutu Fund for Dancers in Need of More Dancing," which makes it feel much more lighthearted than it actually is.

From the very first when I started teaching, I knew that this work was too important to limit it only to people who could afford it, so to start (and to this day my costs have not changed...) start, I made the cost per class relatively low.

But I also made sure to take on those students who couldn't afford to pay at all or who just needed a break.

I am not telling this story to pat myself on the back, but I simply want to emphasize that this work is not "elite" in any way, because it's not just exercise or relaxation but serious spiritual and emotional work and everyone who wants it should have access to that.

Everyone who is willing to be courageous and take risks and who knows in their hearts that path is their spiritual path? Those people deserve to follow their hearts, to find their dreams, to be around the kinds of women I am lucky enough to be around every day.

If you want to help these women and help their studio, please feel free to donate ANY amount. If you've been loving my online work for some time, this is a time to give back via the dancers/movers/seekers who are just like you...striving, working, giving it their all.

We thank you in advance.