Friday, October 4, 2013

Breathing and Waiting

Breathe and wait™ is the foundation of my teachings.

(So much so that, yes, you are seeing a little trademark sign there. This is that important to my work and it is unique to my work.)

Breathe and wait.

It almost instantly changes people's relationships to their body and to their dance.

The changes are beautiful and deep and profound.

Students are startled by the bigness of the changes, by how something so simple has so much meaning and impact.

Of course, the implications for our life go beyond the dance studio.

And so next week, I am taking a period of Breathing and Waiting for myself.

For three nights and four days, I'll be walking and reading and writing and thinking and breathing and waiting through it all at the Chautauqua Institute.

I may share something here during the week but I also may be too entranced...