Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Fall back to the Keep" or Defending Your Dreams from the Naysayers

The Keep is the most fortified tower of the Castle, and you know things are really bad when you are headed there in a hurry.

But because it is the most fortified tower, it's also where you keep your most precious treasures.

It's where you should keep your Big Dreams, those goals...those visions that make you kinda wanna vomit and your heart pitter-patters and your skin gets clammy and yet deep down in your know these are the very things for which you were born.

That stuff.

Put it all in your Keep.

Because there are days when you're surrounded by Armies of Orcs and even Legolas riding his shield like a sled is not going to be able to hit them all with his trusty bow and arrows.

There are days when the Orcs of life are so plentiful that the Keep is the only safe place to be and so run there and lock the gates behind you.

Who are these Orcs, you might wonder.

They are the fears of other people around you.

It might be the fears of someone who does something sorta like you do but has not had the courage or lost their faith to really dive deep or fly high, and so when they see you assuming that you CAN do those things, all they have are litanies, like prayers in a not-church, of all the reasons why NO.

Other orcs are people who have never even tried, who think what you do looks so damn easy.

Or the orcs behind those orcs who maybe try to take your work but can never have it, not really, can never be you, can never re-live the life you've lived to be this person you are.  But they try and they can be damn scary.

Then there are the ultimate Orcs...the ones that reside in your own mind. They are constantly storming my Keep, constantly coming at me with those giant freaking battering rams of fire.

But the Keep is fortified. It was born of the earth, springing forth like an ancient tree but one made of stone and boulder, made of our courage and our openness and our boldness and our strength.

This keep was built to last and to protect and to be a place in which we nurture those dreams until they are ready to leave through the gates and defeat all those Orcs with just one look at the dreams' blinding light of awesome.

(This post brought to by my Extreme Geekiness. You are welcome.)

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