Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Step and then Another...

Official Grouchy Determined Face.

You could call it that.

This was my first session in the studio after proclaiming my Big Dream release.  Not as in "let go of" but as in "allow it back out of the cage it had been confined to in the dark corners of the attic of my brain."

As in "allow it running free space in my heart again."

But after the adrenaline and joy of such a release and such a (vague) announcement...

What happens now?

The day to day grind, that's what.

And there's no way around it.  This is what separates the doers from the dreamers, people.

The day. to freaking day. grind.

Here's how we all WANT it to go:

You announce your magic awesome pretty dream, and then with the whip of your I-Dream-Of-Jeannie ponytail, you are instantly transported to the jewel-bedazzled life of that adorable bottle and you are rocking those harem pants and everything is totally GLITTER! SPARKLE! FAME-OSITY!


That's not what happens.


Here's what really happens:

You set the dream free! It is flying high! YOU are flying high! Everyone is excited! realize that you have to DO SOMETHING to make the dream a reality. To move it from your heart and out into the world.

And this dream is BIG so you have to WORK HARD. Which is pretty much the same as saying goodbye to the whole sparkle glitter thing because this is about sweat and grunting and aching and starting all over again. Day after day.

After day.

After day.

One step and then another and then another.

No skipping steps allowed.  No flipping ponytails or wiggling noses or saying spells.

Sweaty work.

Here's the Real Secret:

All of that sweaty work? It's what makes the dream so damn sweet and sparkling. Without it, you would barely notice all the awesome that is coming.

Part of my dream includes traveling to run workshops where I take women through the process of discovering their inner natural dancer selves and where we make work together. Create. Share. Express. If you are interested, get in touch with me about coming to your town.