Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Your Temperament is Perfect

The view from my favorite sitting spot at Chautauqua Institute
Back from retreat.

A wonderful phrase because, you know, it means I was ON retreat.

But also a bit...not wonderful...because the transition back into the "real world" stuns me every single freaking time.

As I process my retreat work, I wanted to share with you all the quote from Thomas Merton's Thoughts In Solitude that I was reading each morning. I came upon this quote the first day and I then copied it into the front of my fresh journal. I continued to weave in and around this idea throughout all of my writing.

Temperament does not predestine one man to sanctity and another to reprobation. ALL temperaments can serve as the material for ruin or for salvation. We must learn to see that our temperament is a gift of God, a talent with which we must trade...It does not matter how poor or how difficult a temperament we may be endowed with. If we make good use of what we have, if we make it serve our good desires, we can do better than another who merely serves his temperament instead of making it serve him. (Merton, Thoughts in Solitude) (emphasis my own)

What parts of you do you see as unacceptable or not good enough or needing to be changed or improved?

What if you accepted all your parts as necessary and productive aspects of the whole?

What if you embraced everything about yourself and put it to "good" use? What would this life look like?

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