Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Stronger Mantra

Yesterday in Elder Dance class, one of my students, who is 81, was lamenting a balance issue. We talked about some studies that show that falls can be predicted based upon a person's fear of falling more than any other factor.  So I talked to her about changing her story, telling her brain that her balance is awesome.

I also said we'd start focusing more on this issue starting next week and then...

And then she proceeded to dance in a way she never has before, using some incredible balance.

I pointed this out to her and she said, in a rather startled way, "I have to use my legs more!"


Even my very young students rarely life their legs. I have to yell, "USE THOSE LEGS!" to really get any of that action. (I also have to yell "use those arms," so apparently, most of humanity is anti-appendage.)

My elder is certainly not alone.

We continued talking about the stories in our pain-in-the-ass brains, because obviously that was all that was going on with her.

We discussed counteracting those negative, unproductive, and even harmful stories with better stories, and one of the elders came up with a new mantra that they all decided to use.

I'm going to use it, too, actually:

I am stronger today than I was yesterday.

Say that a few (thousand) times and see what happens.

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