Monday, November 18, 2013

Devotion to Dance as a Spiritual Path

(I shared this yesterday in the Inferno of Awesome. See below this post for how to join that group.)

Dance as a spiritual path is different, of course, than just dance. It's deeper, to say the least, much more personal, and comes with a different intent.

When we come to dance as a spiritual path, we come willing to be broken open, to discover difficult things, AND to experience our essential joy -- but not ONLY to experience that joy.

This is not a party. Well, sometimes it's a party; it's just not ALWAYS a party.

There are dry and barren days, weeks, and months. Dark nights of the soul, like with any truly meaningful path.

And thus the importance, simplicity, AND difficulty of devotion.

Devotion is doing something we deeply love, staying committed, knowing it's something we want, even on those days when it feels like the opposite. ESPECIALLY on the days when it feels like the opposite. It waxes and wanes, this feeling of awesome. It doesn't just come and stay.

The rewards of devotion are indescribable and cannot come if we abandon one path for the other, the more enticing, the shiny, or the new.

Stay on this path and you reach the top of the mountain. Continue to change paths and you will dig a ditch. (I paraphrase the Dalai Lama there.)

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