Thursday, November 7, 2013

Life on Fire

The original blisschick that Marcy designed for the blog

When I was writing blisschick, the point of the blog was just to write about whatever was catching my fancy, whatever was creating bliss in my life, and the path I was taking to capture more bliss on a daily basis.

I miss that about that blog.

Blisschick took me through the beginning of my journey back into dance...the BIGGEST bliss of all. That blog transformed my life in ways I can't begin to list.

Blisschick also brought me to Girl on Fire.

Girl on Fire happens to be a much more accurate moniker.

I want to go back to writing in that way and so I've created this new category of posts: Life on Fire.

What are the things that we are passionate about, what brings passion into our lives, and how do we express and share that passion?

Most days, it's something that seems small: like having the time to sit on the back porch and just breathe when you've been flying from one life experience to the next.

I want to take the time in my life and in my writing to again pay more attention to those seemingly small things.

Here we go...

For right now, I am loving these early dark nights because they mean more candle light and candle light slows me down, makes me breathe more deeply, inspires me to sit with a book.

And speaking of books, I am excited to crack open the new Rob Bell, as he always brings me back to my center and challenges me at the same time.  A rare writer and thinker indeed.

I have also rediscovered my great love of bossanova and samba. Some day, Brazil, some day!

What about you? What is setting your life on fire right now?

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