Monday, December 9, 2013

Are You Living a Script or Writing Your Own Story?

Every time you say something like, "Well...I am getting older..." or "This is what happens to people in my family..." or "It's too late for..." you are living a cultural or familial script and not making your own choices and writing your own unique story.

True personal freedom would mean being aware of those stories before they make it out of your mouth and then deciding for yourself.

We know more about genes now than ever, for example, and we know they are not inevitables but possibilities and that the environment (your body, mind, life, choices, etc.) decides whether or not they are turned on.

That's science, not woo woo or magical thinking.

And? It's really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the connection between mind and body. We are only just starting to really understand the level of control we can exercise over our life experiences.

Again, let me emphasize (and this is always worth emphasizing), this is NOT to say that shit doesn't happen. Far from that. Shit happening is also part of life.

But it IS to say that we have a choice to make about how we react to said shit.

We also have choices to make every single day about how we inhabit this mind body in terms of our moods, our stress levels, our joy, our ability to follow our dreams, our willingness to be brave and take risks and do our real work.

No one "makes" you anxious, for example. You are choosing anxiety.

No one "makes" you angry. You are choosing to be angry. And sometimes that is a valid choice.

But we must be aware that we ARE making choices.

There is room for choice -- and personal responsibility -- and change until our very last breath.

Which cultural or familial scripts do you need to burn to make room for your real story?

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