Thursday, December 5, 2013

Changing My Mind: Choosing for Little Me

When we are stressed, depressed, sad, struggling, anxious, fearful, it's hard to make good choices. Whether it be to keep eating well or remembering to get outside and breathe fresh air or think better and more helpful thoughts, we don't decide.

We don't even want to decide.

I've written about this idea before but I think it deserves lots of writing:

WHAT IF you were treating a small child this way?

Ignoring her needs. Ignoring HER?

This is helping me big time right now.

I think about my almost 4 year old self and I make choices FOR HER.

She loves to laugh. She loves to play. She loves music and dancing, of course. She loves to eat yummy food and talk really loud because she is pretty much EXCITED about EVERYTHING, unless she is quiet and then she loves to be REALLY QUIET.

And she loves to pose for photos. Unlike the adult me who says she hates it. The little me? A total ham.

When I was that age, I got myself up and out of my crib one early morning and went outside -- on my own -- and proceeded to ride my tricycle up and down the block.


Yes. I rode it naked because I couldn't get my own clothes together and I wanted to play so what was I to do!?

There is a photo of me after I had been discovered and I am standing exactly like that photo above.

I didn't even think about that until I was writing this.

The little girl thing is working even better than I had thought.

How would your day to day life change if you treated yourself this well all the time?

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