Friday, December 20, 2013


Inspired by a couple of different sources over the years, I finally decided, a few weeks ago, to start putting notes of appreciation on people's Facebook walls.

I'm doing this every Wednesday. I just choose one person and tell them what they mean to me.

I do this publicly. I think that's important. Too often we hide our affections but are loud and boisterous with negative opinions and complaining.

Next Wednesday happens to be Christmas so what a great day to start this new habit.

If you decide to join me, feel free to use the hashtag so we can see all the love.  #lovenoteWednesday

If you want to explore more deeply how to create an at-home dance sadhana (spiritual path) practice, you could join my super secret Facebook group, Inferno of Awesome. This group is invisible until you're added. FIRST, make sure you are my friend on FB, and SECOND, ask me to add you.