Thursday, January 9, 2014

Changing My Mind: It's FREAKING HARD!!! ((whine))

(You can read more about the changing my mind project here.)

My mind is still the boss of me. Sigh.

That story generating machine from hell is still at it.

Even after how many weeks of concentrated effort...


Right there.

Did you see that? ANOTHER STORY!

"Concentrated effort," my ass.

Here and there effort, at best.

If-I-can-remember "routines."

When-I-feel-like-listening-to-my-phone-calendar "discipline."

Before I get too caught up in making fun of myself, there ARE some things that are definitely working and are here to stay.

Almost every single day (I'm not gonna lie...I miss a day but it is RARE), I chant. Chanting has become a part of me, and I love it. It is beyond magics.

Almost every single morning (again, no lies), I read from the Gita.

I am taking more time for spiritual reading in general and it makes a huge difference in my mindset and creativity.

Here's the main thing I am still big time SUCKING at:

Monitoring and changing the stories. They still get away from me like a pack of wild dogs. Rabid wild dogs.

And telling myself good things.

It's like I simply forgot to even try, and when I remembered...that made me sad. Telling myself good feels like the most important component of this of all.

But no wasting time feeling too very sad. Move on.

Back to it.

Start again.
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