Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Diving into Divine Mother Love

I announced this initially before the holidays so people could purchase it as a gift, and now that all that busy time is over, I think it's time to re-announce. Since the first announcement, I've added some testimonials from students so you can get a real sense of what these workshops are about from people who have been in them.

Workshop Starting February 16th
Now Open for Registration!

One of my greatest challenges in greatest challenge in this life has been to understand the true nature of love. To understand that real love is not ever mean. It is never cruel or hurtful. Never. Period. When we act in those ways, we are not acting in love. When we act in those ways, we are disconnected from love which is god which is our true nature.

Love is also not finite. It is infinite and there is enough for all of us and then some...because it's infinite. Love is never stingy. It doesn't hold back.

Love has no opposite.

Love is our foundation. When we get this real love stuff, when we work from love and in the name of love, we are able to fulfill our unique purposes on this planet. We are able to be courageous. We are able to take risks.

A very large number of us did not get this love growing up and then we enter into "adult" relationships with a lot of messed up ideas and wonder why they are not fulfilling, why we walk this earth like hungry ghosts, unable to ever get enough of anything to make us finally feel whole.

I work on this every day. Every. Day.

And in my spiritual practice I have found a helper in this area.

This helper is the focus of the next Heart on Fire distance workshop, in which we synthesize movement, mantra, writing, and ritual for self-transformation. We do this through the lens of an archetype.

Watch the video to find out who it is!

Heart on Fire
(See the Video for the Archetype!):
Internalizing the Unconditional Love
of Divine Mother to Live
Our Bravest Lives

Starting Sunday, February 16th
Running for Six Weeks

What We'll Be Covering Week to Week

Each week, we'll be working with one theme in a variety of ways.

Week One:  Your Love Story -- what do you believe about love? Where did you learn about love? How has this worked out for you?

Week Two:  Unconditional Love -- what the heck is it!? What does it look like in action? Is it even real?!

Week Three:  Working with the Archetype -- how do we integrate working with an archetype into our lives? How do we nurture this kind of relationship? What should we expect from it? We will also explore specifics of the mythology and beliefs and symbols of this archetype.

Week Four:  Living Yes -- how does someone live their yes? We'll break down the particular traits of someone who lives their yes and how we can grow those traits in our own hearts.

Week Five: Yes in Action -- what would yes look like in your own life? How do you even get started? What kinds of supports for yes can you set up in your life?

Week Six: Pregnant with Possibility -- A yes lived life grown from unconditional love -- how is this even possible? What could grow from this kind of love? How do we continue to grow from this place?

How It Works

Materials for the course will be uploaded to a private, password protected blog where they will stay available for many months after the course is finished.  Materials will be uploaded as text and as PDFs so you can download if that is helpful to you.

For interaction with me and with others in the group, there will be private (not visible at all to anyone else) Facebook groups (multiples so each group can stay small and intimate). This is where conversation and questioning can happen. I'll be in and out of that group many times every single day to support you in this challenging work.

For the six weeks, the following schedule will be followed for uploading materials:

Sunday: A video in which I discuss that week's theme. Written material describing that week's ritual based work.

Tuesday: Mantra and movement work will be available.

Thursday:  Writing prompts.

What Do We Actually DO?

For ritual based work, we start by creating an altar to the archetype. These altars are meant to reflect your unique personality and your relationship to the archetype. They are also meant to carry your intentions and we'll discuss all the ways they can do that.

Finally, the altar is a hub for all the different activities. It is an active space. Not at all passive. I encourage people to do their movement and writing near the altar, for example.

Another option this time around is the use of prayer beads. I'll be discussing those the first week and I will be providing options and prompts for their use throughout our time together.

Mantra is the use of internal (or external) sound to experience emotional openings. Often the mantra work will be in combination with the movement work.

Movement work will include specific music for you to try, along with actual suggestions for exploration of your body as a vehicle for prayer and spiritual work.

The writing prompts will be just that -- prompts, questions, ideas meant to help you dive even further into each week's topics.

Remember, the point of this work is synthesis, so we'll also be learning how to put all of this together!

Heart on Fire
(See the Video for the Archetype!):
Internalizing the Unconditional Love
of Divine Mother to Live
Our Bravest Lives

Starting Sunday, February 16th
Running for Six Weeks

If you have any questions, feel free to email or Facebook me.

I look forward to this journey with you, and may we all come out the other side with open hearts, full of unconditional love and the bravery for which we were born.

Testimonials From Heart on Fire: GANESH (October 2013)

I wasn't sure at all what to expect from a course on a religious figure I knew nothing about. Christine's course description helped to sell me, and the idea of removing obstacles was intriguing...  who doesn't face obstacles?

I loved learning more about Ganesh, and a religion I'm not entirely familiar with, but my favorite part of the course was the support and attention to ritual, to habit, and to self-care. The idea of using a focal point like Ganesh (or other spirit guide) for a period of time feels like it helps to focus the intention of the work - gives the meditation, or movement, or altar an anchor, something to return my focus to when things went sideways.

I continue to experiment and play with the ideas and techniques Christine shared in her Heart on Fire course, and I'm excited to see who she's selected for her next quest.

Lani Harmon

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Heart on Fire program.  However, having had previous experience with Christine’s work, I knew it would be a solid program with real value.

I got that and more. Christine has created a fascinating structure, a framework within which to explore aspects of Self in unique, powerful ways.

So often we try to contain our experience with words and word-based thought. Yet what’s really going on inside is deeper than that – nonverbal, felt experience that requires different paths for understanding. Using music and movement helped me explore parts of myself that had been out of touch. And what I found there was sometimes surprising, often moving, and definitely showed me how to move forward on my personal journey, ways I wouldn’t have seen without this work.

There’s no “one right way” to do any personal work, and Christine is well aware of this.  Her programs are a guide, a framework within which she encourages (sometimes relentlessly!) exploration and experimentation. So if you want a structured, formal curriculum, this work isn’t for you. But if you want a way to play, to discover aspects of yourself that you may not have seen before, to open doors that have been hidden or locked until now – I highly recommend anything Christine offers!

Grace Judson

I LOVED the workshop.  The process of using mantra, movement, ritual, and writing worked well for me; I've always used these types of things when digging core-deep for discovery, and using them here was perfect.  I enjoyed having the private videos from you, because it made me feel like I was hanging out with a friend in a safe space, just talking.  I got a kick out of seeing everyone's altars, too-- made me feel like we were a community, even though we were spread all over the planet.  The private group page on Facebook made me feel supported; it was great to be able to share with other women where I was at, and to be able to give support if I could. 
I was thinking this week that perhaps I'll go back through all the material and see about fleshing it out deeper for myself... like maybe take a couple weeks for one, maybe a month for another... because some parts really started some things moving for me. 
Thanks for this class.  I totally dug it

Patti Triplett

The process was just the right amount of challenge with enough freedom to find my own custom blend of how to link the practices together effectively for myself.  It was powerful to have these specific prompts and processes to use and having you as our guide.  You are very in tune and open and that makes for unfettered and non judgemental participation.... I loved that a lot.  Your selections from week to week were so brilliantly sequenced that everything unfolded and moved with a natural FLOW. 

As for results - well  - you know...  most things turned upside down for me but that is okay.  I am finally okay with all turning upside down.  I had taken myself away from the inner work kind of stuff for quite some time and this was a wonderful way to come back to it.   I appreciate the gift I was given to have a chance to experience this.

Going forward I am stepping back into the light, embracing breakdowns in a different way and also can "SEE" that the foundation of me/my life was not built on strong material.  Now I am redesigning instead of rebuilding on top of stuff that never worked.... 

Rochelle Nardelli

I started the workshop without any expectations but yet many.  I was curious and felt a pull to try.

I have often struggled with self doubt and negativity(mostly toward myself).  For me it played out as always trying to improve myself physically.  I spent an enormous amount of time focused on dieting . I wished for internal peace and no longer such extreme external control - I was tired of this and knew there was more to life.

What I have gained (no pun intended) is internal peace and integration and I'm not dieting. 
I'm still in progress as I learn to listen to myself and not the messages I interpreted and maybe received from my family of origin.

What has worked? The practice, support, and also an awareness of others. (Being part of a group- without an pressure to be active)

What has changed? I feel calmer, more aware, integrated emotionally.  I love lighting candles and incense, moving to music, chants, and art. (Life feels like a celebration).

This practice which takes commitment has given me the courage to accept and face some untrue personal truths.  It's interesting to realize that some of my early messages are what have created my inability to believe in myself and feel capable of success, joy, balance, and courage.

This practice and adding art has allowed me space to do what I haven't been able to do before.  I think the different levels ( Mind, Body, & Soul) gently allowed me to explore without judgement.  As a result I feel a confidence, strength, courage and resilience.  I feel as if I've reconnected with what was there - curiosity, playfulness, creativity - my authentic self.  I must admit I've  been here all along and others experience me this way but I didn't on a regular basis and when I did it was at a personal cost.  I  am now experiencing these gifts.  It takes work - that being the practice that Christine teaches. 

I am appreciative of this opportunity.  For me the structure, prompts, questions, and flexibility to explore in a personalized way helped me create a practice that gives me unbridled opportunities personally and professionally.

Erica Schwartz