Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do You Know You Have a Body?

Time in the studio alone, getting back into body after a hard week
Ridiculous question, right? Right. But not so much.

Yesterday I spent a beautiful morning with a room full of sisters (the nun variety; I only have one actual sister), exploring the body as prayer. We'll be working together for more weeks, but already they are embracing the practice.

After, I spent some time talking to a few of them individually, and one in particular came up all a twitter and just glowing.

She said to me with a big smile, "I didn't know I had a body! I didn't know it could do ALL these things!"

A lot of people would assume this had something to do with her being a nun or perhaps her age, but here's the thing: It doesn't. MOST women I meet don't really know they have a body.

Not really.

It simply carries them around from one task to the next and transports their brain.

I used to be one of them. I have always said that if you cut off my body, my HEAD wouldn't notice. I was definitely a walking, talking head.

If you need evidence of this, look around at all the people walking with their heads a few inches in front of their bodies.

And in our Western culture, we've definitely elevated brain above all other body parts.

And we're paying for this.

We are one. We are body, mind, spirit.

The health of each of these relies on the health of the others.

You can't separate them.

But we have. Mind is most important to most people. They are lost in their minds; their minds are their bosses.

Some people have elevated spirit above all else, mistaken in the idea that "transcendence" has anything to do with denying the body when the real meaning of transcendence is rising above all the stories, fears, and lies that hold us back from our true and sacred nature.

Think of body as the connector space, the gateway for mind and spirit. Cut off that gateway and you have a divided mind and spirit. You have people who can no longer tap into intuition or trust their instincts or hear what's yelling at them from their guts.

All these ways of being human become lost to us. We become information storage. We then disconnect from the world around us.

Through the body, we interact with the rest of the living ecosystem. We ARE OF the living ecosystem.

The body is wise and the body speaks its own language. For most people, body is desperately trying to be heard.

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