Friday, January 10, 2014

Leaping is Not Just for Dancing

This particular bit of observation by me seemed to be extra hard for people when I posted it to Facebook. I think the truth in it is hard to swallow for a population that has been sold the easy fix.

I think people -- regardless of what they often say -- still believe deep down that if they just took the right pill, ate the right diet, or followed the right pre-cut path, then all their troubles would go away and all their dreams would come true.

We observe this too much in people around us: they talk the talk; they seem to KNOW what's best, and then they do the exact opposite or they simply do NOT do.

That's the disconnect I'm talking about.

That's where the chasm is.

And what stops us? Doubt that we are worth it. Shame that we are so broken that no effort could possibly change that.


Those are all lies.

Every single one of us is worth it and no one is actually broken. You may be in pain; you may have bad habits derived from desperate coping mechanisms that were appropriate at the time.


Your heart is already liberated and she is waiting for you to notice. Heart is waiting for you to notice HER instead of the stories that block your sight, waiting for you to stop building layer upon layer on that layer cake of crap.

And it can all happen in an instant. It's a matter of one choice, then another, followed by another.

It's a matter of leaping.

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