Thursday, February 13, 2014

From acceptance, the seed of possibility can grow.

Some of my elder dancers engaged in a mirroring experiment

The elders in that above photo are super mobile, some of them more so than people considerably younger. CONSIDERABLY.

Recently I have begun teaching more people with less mobility. Some of my students enter some of my classes in wheelchairs or with walkers and canes. Some of them enter with the results of stroke written on their bodies in capital letters.

(And yet people still do not really hear me when I say this work is for ANY BODY.)

Here's what I am learning lately:

It is interesting to note the difference between those who have accepted their bodies and those still struggling with the desire that things be different. 

The women who struggle and work from anger...those who want things to be different than what they currently are...they get less out of the work. One stopped coming, for example.

The women who ACCEPT where their bodies currently are not only get more on an emotional and spiritual level (obviously) but they get a WHOLE LOT MORE on the physical level.

From acceptance, the seed of possibility can grow. That is fertile soil right there.

The women who accept and who are just as "bad off" if not more so than the ones who do not accept...those are the women who are changing physically. After only a few sessions with me, I can see progress. Movement where there was so very little.

Here's the Big Lesson:

It does not take much on the physical level for the body to change even in extreme circumstance, but it takes EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT on the mental and emotional and spiritual levels. THAT is where the real work is happening and if you are blocked or refusing or angry or rejecting on those levels...NOTHING on the physical level will work.

This lesson applies to all bodies in all states.

Want to get fitter in general? Your emotional work must be done, too.  Your spiritual life must be explored (whatever that is for you).

Sometimes the brain is the enemy for many of us, and so we do need to focus on body to rewire brain. For sure. But even then, we are working WITH brain to change brain...we are not taking brain out of the equation. We are focusing brain on something new -- the vehicle of the body that can take us to ever deepening health on all levels.

We are integrated beings.

You can do all the hard exercise in the world but if you still hate yourself, that body you hate is NOT going to change.

Love the body and your work with be a joy and the change will come quickly and easily and it will last.

I am proof of this.

And the failure of restrictive dieting and exercise (only 5% of it lasts after 5 years according to the CDC) is proof that self-punishment is never the way.

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