Monday, March 10, 2014

I thought my heart was collapsing when it was actually opening...

While away, I finally got a Krishna statue that I was pleased with, though you can barely see him in this photo of my current altar because he is so black. He is left of the center candle. To the right, and you can barely make out that there is anything there, is a new small Saraswati statute.

I sit in front of this altar daily for chant and quiet time. Usually, Peony comes and sits in my lap, and she is most likely to do this during a Krishna chant.

Krishna was born to establish the path of love.

I am still integrating my current experience at Kripalu. It was not good but so much good is coming from it.

For a long time, I have sat on the fence between healing through microcosmic examination of wounds and the idea that we can heal "simply" by focusing on joy and love.

I am no longer on that fence and I am firmly ensconced in the joy and love camp.

This has already changed the way I teach or at least the way I feel when I teach.

And as I take care of myself after this heart-opening (which at first felt like a heart implosion), I am spending a lot of time reading the words of Swami Kripalu.

From the book Pilgrim of Love:

Truly the wise proclaim that love is the only path, love is the only God, and love is the only scripture.


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