Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Bruce Lee of ((fill in your blank))...

An elder dancer, dancing her plank
Long term consistency trumps short term intensity. -- Bruce Lee

This is just another precise version of the tortoise and the hare.

And I have students -- remarkable students -- who really get this, who show up week after week, multiple times a week, and now year after year.

They get that there is something deep and sacred to be found in this work if they keep going through all the plateaus and the struggles and the times when it feels like nothing is happening.

They come when they feel good.

They know that it's even more important to come when they feel awful, when they feel resistance, when they feel like the couch is their best friend.

You pick your priorities and you go with them, right?

But right now, I am having a hard time with that first part.

I have been feeling a little lost in all the ideas and possibilities.

My long term consistency and my short term intensities are BOTH kinda sucking right now.

People like Bruce Lee are always the people I admire.

He picked this thing and he just kept going.

No wavering.

He was human; he had to have had doubts, right?

Did he have times when he just wanted to give it all up? Try something completely new? Spend his days petting cats?

For some reason, I doubt it.

You don't get to be Bruce Lee without long term consistency, without faith, without a practice that doesn't waiver.

I truly believe we all have these little Bruce Lees inside of us, just waiting for us to notice.

Our current culture doesn't really encourage this level of commitment.

We are cafeteria sorts of peoples; we love our buffets.

And it's making us lethargic and obese -- of body, mind, and spirit.

(This post brought to you with a lot of sighs.)

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