Friday, March 7, 2014

What the Expressive Arts Just Taught Me About My Crazy Energy (Try this...)

A couple of days after my return from Kripalu
Imagine yourself with arms bent and hands straight out, palms facing each other. Like you're holding a small box. Then start moving in a way that feels like you are placing that box on all kinds of different shelves at all sorts of levels all around your body.

Got it?

Now add marching to this movement. Knees all the way up. No cheating.

Got that?

Now add bending up and down perfectly at your low back while still doing those other two things. A bobbing sort of movement.


One more thing: Start moving your head like crazy (fast!) as if you're looking for something you've lost and it could be anywhere.

Do all of that. All at once.

Keep doing it.

Feeling a little crazy? Feeling a little tired?

I did that just for a few minutes, and then I had to teach it to someone else, who had to copy it and they did it just for a few minutes.

By the end, I was exhausted. She was crying.

This was a creative movement exercise in the workshop I just attended. It was about the energy of the roles we play in life to manage all of our fears and anxieties.

I get overly busy with Big Projects.

I try to do too many things at once.

Which became PAINFULLY obvious when I was put through this process and found these movements.

And it felt like truth to me.

This is what I do to myself.

I understand why.

But not to change it.

The HOW of things is always so elusive to me.

This is post-workshop re-integration, for sure.

How do I pick where to put my energy?

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