Monday, April 14, 2014

Blisschick Redux: Who Would You Be if No One Had Ever Told You Who You Are?

Originally posted to Blisschick on July 3, 2009:

When someone whom you've just met asks you: "What do you do?" -- what is your response?

Most likely, if you are an American, your answer will be your job title. But there are cultures for whom this would be their last response. Yes. It's true. They might say that they are a parent or that they love to read or sail or that they garden or write poems.

(Some of us are lucky, of course, and we spend our days making a living by doing things that express our very essence. I'm not necessarily talking to you!)

So it came as no surprise to me when I last wrote about this idea of who you would be if no one had ever told you who you are that a lot of people ended up talking about jobs.

Answering this question can, eventually, lead to a different work life. But it starts at a much more basic place than that and I think it's worth revisiting.

This is about internal chatter, toxic tapes that play over and over, gremlins, divas that take up all the space and suck the oxygen right out of our ideas and dreams.

For me, this Blisschick, "you are lazy" is a core belief I hold about myself. No matter the lists and lists of evidence that I and others could construct to prove this wrong, it is still there, waiting for a moment when I'm not paying attention to ruin my party.

This means that my question is: "Who would I be, what would my life look like, if no one had ever told me I was essentially a lazy human being?"

The opposite is not always the answer.

Meaning, I do not necessarily replace "I am lazy" with "I am Super Woman of Productivity." Instead, the key here is to erase the lazy tape and replace it with "I am fine and happy the way I am."

Period. And it's probably the "answer" that we are all looking for.

Being fine and happy just the way we are.

So for enCouragingBliss this week, I ask you, what core belief about yourself did someone else teach you and can you let it go to just be fine and happy?

Dig Deep. Be Brave. Choose Bliss.

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