Friday, April 4, 2014

Everything Cycles

First of the season!
Since I first started doing this work about five years ago, I've gone through changes in teaching venue, times, the classes I teach, studios, and especially the methods I employ.

I tell students that the dance of the studio is simply a metaphor for their lives: that we learn how to spontaneously respond to changing rhythms on the dance floor but we need to be able to take that to the whole of our experiences.

I, too, need this lesson.

I keep thinking, for example, that I can add MORE stuff to my plate without taking anything off.



My Big Sparkling Ideas -- the ones that really make me feel ON FIRE -- have just been sitting on notecards in various piles waiting for me to really learn this particular dance.

I am, therefore, and finally, in the process of simplifying my day to day, week to week teaching schedule.

This freaks me out.

And it can freak out students.

But a stimulated and challenged teacher makes for happier students in the end.

So I am breathing through this and taking one step at a time.

In the meantime, a teaser:  This change means I will finally have time to plan and create the teacher training, build larger and more varied online learning experiences, write a book, and travel to teach.

(If you want me to visit you in your town and have a lead on a venue, you could email me or facebook message me.)

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