Friday, April 25, 2014

My Money Story Isn't Really About Money (and Yours Probably Isn't Either)

A new Krishna meditation candle, complete with bling

If you haven't, you should watch this short video from Wednesday about my money story and diving into it through a therapeutic dance process.

Following that experience, I had a skype session yesterday with this wise and wonderful soul. (Her work in this area is just beginning so her site right now doesn't give you a real understanding of this part of her...which is where I come in. You can connect with her on Facebook if you're interested.)

Grace takes you through a body-based process to access the foundation of the stories that reside there.

What the heck does that mean!?

I'll take you through my session.

She starts with a very structured guided meditation. I feel like this part takes about 30 minutes.

She says just the right words to get you INSIDE that body. Centering you in all its parts. Balancing one side with the other.

At this point, you're just listening and breathing with eyes closed.

My feet. I felt like I was truly IN my feet. They were strong and balanced.

But the second we got to my ankles, something became very noticeable and it continued all the way up: my right side felt heavy and wonked.

Wonked. Really the only way to describe it.

There was a feeling of contortion...from the inside.

Once you're through the meditation, she asks you to stay internal but to begin to talk to her about your issue and what it feels like.

My money issues feel desperate and heavy and stifling.

She asked me to find it in my body.

Right away, my right arm dropped toward the floor. Heavy. And my right should just started to come forward.

She asked me to start to allow that movement, that shape to completely fill itself out.


Talk about contortion!

From my right ankle up, I was twisted down and inward. And my neck! OUCH!

This was not comfortable. Of course it wasn't.

THEN...she asked how old I was in that body.

I knew instantly.

And here's the important thing: I went into this thinking that I knew what was going on.

I got to somewhere completely different and completely surprising and completely unexpected.

Which tells me that this process works on its own. There was no room for manipulation of outcome on my part.

How old was I in this body? I was 8 and I was also 6.

I told those stories to Grace, who really HEARD them because she was the one who made the right connections, the connections I could not see.

We discovered -- by listening to this body -- that my money stories are not about money but that they are about my early learning to protect what I experienced as my true self.


Money is just this...distraction or cover-up story. A way I can quantify the feeling of protection.

We are wily and wonderful beings, aren't we?

TO THIS DAY, something in me was STILL protecting the fragile, beautiful, vulnerable, and also so very strong true self.

What's the outcome? What's the point of all of this work?

Freedom, of course.

On a concrete level, I can tell you that within hours of this I turned into an EXPLOSIVE IDEA MACHINE. And it's still happening today.

The ideas...they just keep coming and they all are around one key idea: Putting myself even bigger out into the world.

I'll be following up the Grace work with lots of Reed Dance Sadhana™ processes to make sure it all stays unstuck and to increase my awareness and understanding of it all.

You can now learn how to teach dance as a spiritual practice! My first teacher training is coming at the end of September! Just visit the "Teacher Training" tab at the top of this page.

If you want to explore more deeply how to create an at-home dance sadhana (spiritual path) practice, you could join my super secret Facebook group, Inferno of Awesome. This group is invisible until you're added. FIRST, make sure you are my friend on FB, and SECOND, ask me to add you.